First Week Of School

During my first week of school, sophomore year, I have already realized how much better high school is not being a freshman. I’ve loved my classes so far. My favorite, being in the best band there is. I love marching season/football season, it makes friday’s so much more fun.

Team Player Expository Essay

Caitlin DeAguero
english 1-7th

In Champions League, a 2014 cheerleading movie, the director is on the scenes of a cheer practice capturing the cheerleader’s stunts, attitudes, and creative tumbling. Similar to Champions League, many teams today whether cheer, football, or baseball require good team players. In fact, to be a good player a person must possess the qualities of 100% commitment and effective leadership.
When the whole team gives all the effort available, the victory trophy will be an easy pick up. For example, when at practice we must have positive attitudes and bright smiles for the crowd watching. During a performance the cheerleaders must give a 100% effort during the stunts or a dangerous injury could occur. In any kind of team event the individual effort put into the team will determine the success or failure. In addition, another aspect of 100% effort in cheerleading is the creative tumbling in a routine the punch fronts, back tucks, and back handsprings all contribute to the individual giving 100% for the team. Therefore, when an individual works as one body the result becomes one happy working machine.
Effective leadership drives a team to a successful year. For example, in baseball to take the victory , a team must have a kind, good hearted, and respectable player. This causes positive motivation to push through the struggles of the year. Therefore, with a positive attitude, honest, and respect, a good player shines through.
In conclusion, having 100% effort in a sport or team event with effective leadership is what makes a good player.

Fear Expository Essay

Caitlin DeAguero
english 1-7th

Driving down White Oak Road in a brand new Bugatti, noticing the 18 wheeler next door. All of a sudden, a screech and a huge shift, the brand new car is flipped on its side. Whether driving, or being stuck in a scary situation fear can have a huge amount of affect on a person’s life. Fear can affect people’s lives by scaring them to an unknown point on what to do or just by mentally disturbing.
When caught up in a moment people tend to freeze up, go speechless, or just give up on the issue. Freezing up can cause the situation to go worse. For example, if an animal had a person life locked up in a corner with no help, there would be no time to freeze up. They would have to act fast for safety. Going speechless could ruin a very important job interview, sitting in a meeting and a boss ask a question. You freeze up, go speechless and forget the answer.
Mental fear is the strongest effecting case. It could damage a life permanently, leave a scar or weak spot. Also, mental fear disturbing connects with unreached goals in life. Whether it’s using the excuse I can’t or just being too lazy. It causes non motivation and the thought of which “I’ll never be able to do it.” Because this type of fear is mental it could haunt lives. Causing unhealthy thoughts like for example, suicidal thoughts, suicide, or deep depression.
Fear affects lives in an uncountable number of way whether it being mental or physical. The thought of a car accident or the example of an animal attack fear can haunt people an unbelievable ways.

Difficult Times Essay

Caitlin DeAguero
english 1-7th

While at a young age, and a tragic accident happens, this often leaves scarred for life. Struggled times not only hurt physically but also mentally. Therefore,when going through struggles, difficult times affect by, making a life or breaking a life.
At young ages trying not to show that “i’m faking this smile act.” Whether being at school or at home, breaking a life, for example, as not showing people the “weaker” side can actually make matters worse. This can happen to anyone or anywhere. Indeed, struggled times hurt but it all depends on the feelings and events this struggled person handles.
Also realize, difficult times don’t always destroy, there are some that can change someone’s life forever. Changing a life in a difficult time can make a stronger human and give unforgettable lessons learned. When a tragic experience happens it all depends on how you take it, realize god’s plan is bigger than the situation itself and know their bigger things ahead. In addition, realize everything will be okay, tend to relax and not be as stressful. Therefore, difficult times could also make you.
The effect difficult times causes is how the person’s takes it and how well they realize things happen for a reason. In conclusion, with it being mentally, or even physically something will always make or break you. But the feelings and events have to decide that.

Metaphor Poem

Caitlin DeAguero
English 1-7

Caitlin was the name I was stuck with,
and i’m stuck with it until the day i fade away.
even when i wish for something more exciting
like the way the name summer not only describes a season,
but a childs name.
The bright shiny sun, no school, and blue teeth from the snowcones.
names the describe memories.
Tripping over the sound of my name
breaking through my confidence bubble
I used to dream of the mad runway
models surrounded the busy scenes
everywhere you looked,
or went,
someone always knew you.
My world was in my head
creations, model schedules, and giant diamond earrings.
I was famous
everyone knew me.
Intending to not like my name,
I realized,
year by year
moment by moment
I was human. Everything had happened for a reason.
The way my face was shaped,
the way my green eyes didn’t pop out like the blue ones I pictured.
I grew up
matured into the person I was,
not Summer all in my head,
but Caitlin, in the real world.

A Few Thoughts

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